Cockroach Cove (Halona Beach Cove)

Cockroach Cove, Halona Beach Cove, Eternity Beach

Cockroach Cove also known as Halona Beach Cove or Eternity Beach, is a hidden gem on Oahu’s southeastern coastline. Despite its uninviting name, this secluded cove is a popular spot for both tourists and locals, offering a picturesque escape and a rich history in film and television.

Cockroach Cove is a Must-Visit

Cockroach Cove is conveniently located adjacent to the famous Halona Blowhole, offering breathtaking views along the Kalanianaole Highway, a mere mile past the serene Hanauma Bay. The cove’s entrance is a hidden treasure not visible from the road, preserving its untouched allure.

Once you’ve parked in the free parking at the Halona Blowhole lookout, prepare for a short but adventurous descent on a rocky trail to the beach. This path, steep and at times slippery, requires careful navigation and sturdy footwear, but the reward is a pristine beach that feels worlds away from the everyday.

An Intimate Beach with Hollywood Charm

Unlike the bustling shores of Waikiki, Cockroach Cove boasts an intimate setting surrounded by towering cliffs, offering privacy and a cozy atmosphere. Its soft, inviting sand and the mesmerizing dance of the waves create a perfect backdrop for relaxation and introspection.

It’s no wonder this picturesque cove has been chosen as the backdrop for iconic film scenes, including the unforgettable kiss between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in “From Here to Eternity,” and the romantic encounters of “50 First Dates.” Walking along the beach, you tread on the same ground as Hollywood legends, adding a touch of glamour to your visit.

A Haven for Marine Life and Adventure Seekers

The cove’s clear waters are home to an array of marine life, including the revered Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu) and occasionally, the native Hawaiian monk seals. While swimming in the cove can be idyllic during the calmer winter months, visitors should heed the changing conditions, as the cove is known for its strong currents and rough surf outside this season. For those seeking a bit more adventure, a hidden lava tube behind the beach offers an intriguing exploration opportunity, serving as a secret tunnel beneath the highway.​​​​

Preparation is Key

Venturing to Cockroach Cove is an off-the-beaten-path experience, as the area lacks amenities such as lifeguards, restrooms, or showers. Visitors are advised to come prepared with essentials like water, sunscreen, snacks, and beach gear. The nearest facilities can be found down the road at Sandy Beach. Despite these rustic conditions, the cove’s natural beauty and serenity make it a worthwhile escape.

Safety and Conservation

As you enjoy the unique blend of adventure and tranquility, remember to stay vigilant of the ocean’s conditions, respect the wildlife, and preserve the natural beauty of the area. There are no lifeguards on duty, so swimming is at your own risk. Embrace the spirit of aloha by taking only memories and leaving only footprints.

In Conclusion

Cockroach Cove is not merely a beach; it is a portal to an unparalleled experience of Oahu’s natural splendor, vibrant marine life, and the echoes of Hollywood’s past. Whether you’re seeking solitude, an adventure, or a glimpse into the island’s cinematic history, the beach welcomes you with open arms. Prepare to be enchanted by this hidden gem, where every visit is an opportunity to create lasting memories.